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Furnace Repair

Utah furnace repair, maintenance and installation.

Our technicians understand the importance of your home’s heating system. Utah’s winters are harsh and there are few things worse than being cold in your home or business because your furnace, boiler, radiator or water heater isn’t working properly. At Utah HVAC we provide a thorough analysis of your home and your heating needs to provide ideal solutions regardless of your setup. We provide free estimates with options. Our technicians go over the costs and concerns associated with various options to ultimately help you decide if a repair or full replacement of your furnace is your best option.

Furnace repairs and maintenance

Any unit that is not properly maintained is going to give you problems eventually. Every homeowner should be covering the basics on a regular basis like keeping your furnace clean and replacing the filter. We have always maintained that the best course of action is going to be a yearly maintenance plan with your heating contractor company. Not only will this increase the expected lifespan of your machine, it will help ensure that your furnace is running safely without leaks.

Common home heating questions

Why is my furnace blowing cold air? This is a common problem that we run into on service calls. Check your thermostat, sometimes that blower can be set to be continuously on so air will flow even when the furnace is not running. This problem can also indicate that your furnace is overheating, the simplest solution is to replace the air filter. Do not ignore this problem as it can permanently damage your unit’s heat exchanger.
Why does my furnace shut off? This occurs when you furnace shuts off before your home has reached the temperature that it is set for. This problem is known in the industry as short cycling. It can be caused by a dirty air filter, causing your furnace to overheat due to lack of air flow.

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